Earth plaster Tierrafino Duro is a fine earth plaster and color combined in one product, suitable for interior use. Duro distinguishes itself from other Tierrafino products by its thinner and harder finish. It can be applied easily and fast. 

Tierrafino Duro has all the beneficial properties of clay. Duro adds a subtle sparkling effect to walls and gives your interior a fresh look. Duro is an excellent solution for offices and other working spaces: it creates a comfortable yet businesslike atmosphere

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Dover White, Delphi White, Roman Ochre, Djenné Red, Nassau Orange, Ayers Rock, Iquitos Green and Gomera Grey. These standard colours can be mixed together or with other natural Tierrafino pigments, opening up an almost unlimited range of tones. The different sized grains add extra vibrancy and warmth.

Where colour is concerned, everyone has his or her own liking and preference. These pigments enable you to attain an even more personal effect.


Duro is a plaster and colored finish in one for interior use.


Dry and free of dust and grease. Smooth substrates must be primed with ’contact fine’.


Add 3-3,5 kg Duro to 1 liter water and mix well.

Application 1: Rough textured finish:

Apply Duro 1–2 mm thick with a metal trowel and let dry.

Application 2: Textured finish:

Apply Duro 1–2 mm thick with a metal trowel. Sponge surface while plaster is still moist with time intervals until the desired texture is achieved.

Application 3: Smooth finish:

Apply Duro 2 mm thick with a metal trowel. Sponge surface while plaster is still moist and smoothen with a plastic trowel with time intervals.


When Duro is still damp, or when dry, wipe the surface once more with a damp sponge. Then shortly brush with a coconut- or horse hair brush. This finishing shows sand and its sparkle.


Apply Duro at a temperature above 5°C.


Duro can be kept 3 years after date of manufacture. Duro produces no waste. Once mixed with straw and water, use within 1 week.


Textured finish: 1-1,5 mm thick – 1,3 kg/m2.

Smooth finish: 2 mm thick - 2 kg/m2.


Sands, clay and starch.

Safety instructions:

Wear safety glasses with induced risk(ceilings).


Keep closed, dry and cool.


You may choose to employ a professional, but an experienced DIYer will also be able to mix Duro adobe plaster to the correct colour and apply it to the walls. However, there are a few steps you need to take to ensure a brilliant result.

You can find complete instructions, a list of substrates, and other technical information in the product sheet of Tierrafino Duro (PDF) and in the product sheets of auxiliary products.

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