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To develop quality compressed earth bricks and blocks, MecoConcept works with leading laboratories in Toulouse in the south of France. This collaboration is at the heart of our expertise in anaysing your soil. Two types of soil tests are available:

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For small jobs (wall inertia loading) basic tests called “diagnosis”, you will quickly qualify your land.

What is a soil diagnostic?

The diagnosis is a set of basic tests to validate the use of land for the production of compressed earth bricks for the realization of small structures.

Diagnosis, developed and patented by our research team is MecoConcept exclusivity.


  • Qualifies your soil
  • Validates brick quality
  • Small budget


  • Size, texture
  • Apparent clay content
  • Recommendations
  • For more ambitious works (significant height, bearing walls, multi-storey building), we offer a “complete analysis” following French standards.

    What is a complete analysis?

    The complete analysis of your land to determine the qualities of your land, and thus to accurately assess the mechanical performance of MecoBriq to manufacture.


    • Tests are carried out by a qualified team
    • Analysis according to norm NF XP P13-901
    • Precise and reassuring results
    • Obtain the recipe and optimum dosages


    • Size, texture
    • Apparent clay content
    • Recommendations

After a complete analysis, a “recipe” will be provided in order to achieve the optimum brick with the tested soil.

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