Clay paint Tierrafino i-paint is is a clay paint for interior walls and ceilings. This paint consists mainly of clay and sand, from various mineral quarries in Europe. Out of these ingredients we produce clay paint with a fine and soft texture. Walls and ceilings painted with Tierrafino i-paint add an interesting and playful appeal to your interior.

Tierrafino i-paint has other pleasing characteristics: it is vapour permeable and contains no solvents. These properties contribute to a comfortable and healthy environment in your home and work space.

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Dover White, Delphi White, Roman Ochre, Djenné Red, Nassau Orange, Ayers Rock, Iquitos Green and Gomera Grey. These standard colours can be mixed together or with other natural Tierrafino pigments, opening up an almost unlimited range of tones.

Where colour is concerned, everyone has his or her own liking and preference. These pigments enable you to attain an even more personal effect.


Clay paints Tierrafino i-paint can be used in a breathing construction, it is damp open and anti-static. These properties of Tierrafino i-paint contribute to a healthy environment. It is easy to apply ipaint with a roller or paint brush. Tierrafino i-paint has excellent covering capacity, which is seen, as with all mineral paints, after drying.

Available i-paint colours

Tierrafino i-paint is available in 8 colours. All colors can be mixed to create an endless number of colours.

Suitable substrates

Use Tierrafino ipaint on dry, well absorbing and grease-free substrates like wall paper, wood, gypsum plaster and other commonly used mineral substrates.

Click for an overview of covering capacity and adhesion of ipaint on various substrates in PDF format in the Tierrafino i-paint Technical Data Sheet.

Preparation of substrates

Old water-dissolvable paint, glue or limestone remnants have to be removed thoroughly. Non-solid paint-leftovers can be brushed off first. Strong absorbing, porous substrates must be prepared with Tierrafino contact fine. Smooth and non-absorbing surfaces, like a coat of varnish or a layer of oil, should be roughened up with sandpaper and/or treated with Tierrafino contact fine. Please also see the measurement of quantity chapter at the bottom of this page.


On a light, equal surface one layer can be sufficient. On strong absorbing surfaces (new stucco, lime-sandstone, etc.), it is advisable to first apply one layer of Tierrafino i-paint thinned with water. When this layer has completely dried up, the final layer can be applied, without thinning. Every layer of i-paint must be completely dry, before another layer is applied!

Finishing technique 1

Clay paints Tierrafino i-paint can be applied using a roller or a brush. When ipaint has somewhat dried up after a few minutes, it is possible to leave a very fine streak by again brushing the surface gently with your paint brush. Vertical or diagonal streaks will show "movements" on the wall, due to varying structures in the surface of Tierrafino i-paint.

Finishing technique 2

To simulate a coarse structure ipaint, it is possible to use Tierrafino Contact, a quartz sand primer which does not only leave a coarse clay finish, but it also fixes any loose remnants on the wall. Once Tierrafino Contact has fully dried out, paint the surface with Tierrafino i-paint.

Finishing technique 3

To create another coarse, textured ipaint it is possible to add Tierrafino clay plaster. This can be done by mixing a maximum of 5% clay plaster to a bucket of i-paint. The Tierrafino clayfinish plaster must be mixed in well.

If more than 8% clay plaster is mixed in with Tierrafino -ipaint, the surface should be treated with Tierrafino Fix. Note: Tierrafino Fix should be applied, after the last layer has completely dried up.

Finishing technique 4

When Tierrafino i-paint is applied onto an existing 4 mm layer of Tierrafino clay plaster, it is possible to polish a shiny finish by using a plastic trowel and a polishing stone (for information on polishing stones please read Tierrafino Stone page on this website).

To create a shiny finish on other substrates than clay plaster, much more i-paint should be applied to achieve a thick layer of paint onto which a shine can be polished.

Please note: this finish is not a waterproof finish like Tierrafino Stone.

Finishing technique 5

To Tierrafino ipaint pigments can be added. This gives the possibilty to create a semi- transparent veiled layer onto existing clay paints or clay plaster.

Leave the pigments to soak in enough water to make a paste, and leave to soak for at least a few hours. The mix should be stirred into Tierrafino i-paint in one go. For very color intensive pigments (ultra navy blue / purple, mahogany or Pompeî-red) it is very important to mix well. Note: For a durable and equal surface of Tierrafino i-paint, it is best to apply 5-8% pigment or Tierrafino Clay plaster. If more than 8% is mixed in with Tierrafino i-paint, the surface should be treated with Tierrafino Fix. Notice: Tierrafino Fix should be applied after the last layer has completely dried up.

Stencil plate techniques

Stencil plate techniques can be applied on Tierrafino ipaint and Tierrafino Clay plaster with Tierrafino i-paint.

Drying time

Tierrafino ipaint can be painted on again after 6-12 hours, depending on the room temperature and atmospheric humidity. After approx. 10 days Tierrafino i-paint is fully ried out.

User possibilities

Different colors of Tierrafino i-paint can be mixed. The same colour- range as with Tierrafino Clay plaster can be reached.


Paint-roller, paintbrush, paint-sprayer, plastic trowel and polishing stone. After use these tools should immediately be cleaned with warm water and soap.


Clay paints Tierrafino i-paint should be stored in a cool and dry place, never below 5º C. When left sealed the ipaint is bearable for at least 12 months.
After opening Tierrafino i-paint should be used within 6 weeks. It is therefore wise to carefully determine how much i-paint is needed for your project, so that you are not left with 8 liters of slowly decaying ipaint. Tierrafino i-paint's limited storage is due to its minimal content of preservatives.


Tierrafino i-paint consists of: Clay, sand, cellulosebinder, starch, preservative, defoamer, water softener, titane-dioxide (only in Dover-White), water. Due to the natural character of earth pigments used, slight variations of color may occur between different batches of the same colour. 

Measurement of quantity

0.125 litres Tierrafino i-paint per square meter, about 8 square meters per litre per one layer applied.

On most substrates two coats of i-paint will cover well.

Substrates that have not been prepared, or have very contrasting colors with the color of the i-paint, may need to be painted for a third or fourth time, that is why we suggest to use Tierrafino Fix before application of Tierrafino i-paint. This will reduce the shining through of the substrate. However we also advise to prepare the substrate in such a way that it is uniform of colour.



Although this product-description has been put together with utmost precision, Tierrafino will not be liable for any indirect or direct damage that may occur, by using the information offered in this product description.

Tierrafino i-paint is easy to apply yourself. The paint is ready to use in a tub and is applied with a brush or roller. The paint can be diluted with water if necessary. i-paint adheres well to most substrates. Very smooth or absorbent substrates should first be treated with Tierrafino Contact Fine.

Complete instructions, a list of substrates, and other technical information is available in the product sheet for Tierrafino i-paint (PDF) and in the product sheets of our auxiliary products.

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