Soil diagnostic kit

DIY Soil Testing and Analysis

The Soil Diagnostic Kit (MTT), developed by MecoConcept, is a small, mobile laboratory that allows you to analyse soil anywhere. All you need is a simple table.

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Because of its diverse character, it is essential to accurately analyze the soil you wish to use in construction.

For simple tasks (wall inertia, filling), a simple soil diagnosis may be enough.

The MTT has two patents pending.

What is in a Soil Diagnostic Kit?

It contains all the tools and accessories needed to complete a soil diagnosis and allows you to you know whether or not the soil is suitable for manufacturing Meco’briqs. The procedure and all instruments are described in a detailed booklet that comes with the kit.

The MTT contains:

  • Soil chip breaker : apparatus to measure the clay content and the mold were developed and patented by Meco’concept.
  • Software, a direct result of Meco’concept’s scientific research, which interprets various test results.
  • USB key with software and charts for the diagnosis.
  • Measuring instruments: precision pocket scale 320g, 15 cm calipers.
  • 0.5 mm calibrated seive.
  • Containers and utensils : bowls, jars, spray, trowel, and shovel.
  • Instruction guide.

Tests to be carried out

  • Sedimentation
  • Rolling test
  • Ball test
  • Chip test
  • Clay content test

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