Tierrafino T-paint is a textured clay paint for interiors. The T stands for texture. Specially selected sands are combined with clay and fine sands to create a granular texture. Walls and ceilings treated with T-Paint are lively and sparkle, because the colour and sparkle of the sand are clearly visible. Tierrafino T-Paint has more specific properties. It is vapour permeable and releases moisture, which means it contributes to a comfortable and healthy climate in the home or at work. The granular texture also reduces the amount of reverb in a room.

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Dover White, Delphi White, Roman Ochre, Djenné Red, Nassau Orange, Ayers Rock, Iquitos Green and Gomera Grey. These standard colours can be mixed together or with other natural Tierrafino pigments, opening up an almost unlimited range of tones. The different sized grains add extra vibrancy and warmth.

Where colour is concerned, everyone has his or her own liking and preference. These pigments enable you to attain an even more personal effect.


Mud Wall finish: Application of Tierrafino Tpaint can be considered as painting a rough textured wall paint with a brush or a roller.
Tierrafino Tpaint can not be used to fill holes.
On equal substrates Tierrafino Tpaint's covering capacity is excellent. Click here for an overview of substrates and other technical information in the Tierrafino Tpaint Technical Data Sheet .


Mixing buckets, mixer, brushes, soft roller, fine mazed sponge, masking tape, soft brush (horse hair).


Substrates must be dry, solid and free of grease and dust. If necessary clean substrate with a grease dissolving cleanser. A coarse substtrate can be used for Tierrafino Tpaint.

Very smooth susbtrates must be sanded down with sand paper, or roughened with a steel brush. In some cases using Tierrafino Fix will give some grip on extremely smooth surfaces that are very hard to roughen. 


Add 12,5 Kg Tierrafino Tpaint to 6,5 liters of water while continually stirring. Stir until a smooth paste is achieved.

Add a little water if so desired.

Application with a brush

Apply Tierrafino Tpaint onto the wall with a brush. Spread the material to desire with the brush.

When after some drying, but when Tpaint is still moist, the substrate is visable, retouch these spots with a soft haired brush. This way the fine earth will cover these spots but the texture as a whole is not altered.

Application with a roller

Apply Tierrafino Tpaint with a soft haired roller to the wall or ceiling. By repeating rolling over the surface without adding new material, the material is spread out well and the finish will have a more equal texture, less wild.


Let Tierrafino Tpaint dry. The covering capacity can only be seen after drying.

Apply some new material onto spots where the substrate is visable and create a similar texture to the surroundings. A small difference may occur in color between the first applied material and the dried retouched spots. This difference will not be visable after finishing Tierrafino Tpaint mud wall.


Tierrafino Tpaint can best be finished when it has fully dried out. Preferably a day after application. It is possible to finish Tpaint as soon as it has its dry colour, but it must then be done quite gently.

Carefully wipe the surface of Tpaint down with a moist, not wet, sponge. This takes fine earth away from the surface of sands, the color of sands should now be visable. Using a fine mazed sponge is preferred over a rough grated one. When after wiping Tpaint down once the sands are not clearly visable, repeat this once or twice. Some sand may come loose from the surface while wiping. It is important not to change the texture by pressing too hard.

Finally Tierrafino Tpaint is brushed with a soft brush to make the sparkle of sands visable. A horse hair brush, or a wide soft painting brush are good tools to use for this.

Drying time

Tierrafino Tpaint, depending on substrate and circumstances, is dry after 1 to 12 hours.

Tierrafino Tpaint has hardened out after 2 weeks.


Tierrafino Tpaint is porous and can therefor absorb dust. It is possible to clean Tpaint with a moist sponge. When a stain is permanent, remove stained Tpaint and repair by applying as described above. After repairing wipe the whole wall down with a moist sponge and brush once.




Apply at a temperature above 5ºC.


Once mixed with water, apply within 1 week.


Approx. 0,7 kg/m² per coat.

One bucket of 12,5 kg Tierrafino Tpaint will cover approx. 18 m², when the substrate is equal in colour.

One bucket of 6 kg Tierrafino Tpaint will cover approx. 8,5 m², when the substrate is equal in colour.


Clay, sand, starch. Due to the natural character of earth pigments used, slight variations of color may occur between different batches of the same colour. 

Safety instructions

No hazards safety instructions are appplicable. Intended for painting. Avoid contact with eyes and skin.


Keep closed, dry and cool. 


 Although this product-description has been put together with utmost precision, Tierrafino will not be liable for any indirect or direct damage that may occur, by using the information offered in this product description

T-Paint is supplied as a dry powder in buckets. Add it to water and mix to a homogeneous paste. This textured clay paint can be applied on any surface that is suitable for wall paint and is easy to apply using a brush or a roller. The substrate must be dry, clean and free of dust and grease. A smooth subsrate should be first treated with Tierrafino Contact Fine.

Complete instructions, a list of substrates, and other technical information is available in the product sheet for Tierrafino T-paint (PDF) and in the product sheets of our auxiliary products.

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