Uncoated Brick Making Machine (CEB)

Meco concept is a leading brand in the manufacture of non-manufactured bricks machines (CEBs) in France. These types of bricks are based on the experience of traditional, old architecture and with the combination of new technologies for the construction of buildings with desirable characteristics and compatible with nature (without the need for iron, plaster and cement). The buildings are very inexpensive and resistant to the beauty and simplicity and have the same characteristics and the comfort of the old buildings, because these types of bricks are cool and maintain the proper humidity of the indoor environment in the summer, and in the winter with the lowest energy and cost, Provides the ability to warm the environment. Also, these types of bricks are provided because of breathing and absorbing unpleasant odors and breaking harmful waves, a healthy environment with clean air suitable for children and the elderly, and those with respiratory and allergic problems. This type of building does not create any kind of spillage and contamination if it needs to be demolished and has the ability to be reversible to nature, and is fully designed to help preserve energy resources and the environment. Buildings built with these bricks have a long life span with a relative resistance to earthquake, which can be seen in different cities of our country such as Yazd.